RAD Helix

The RAD Helix has low back extension and three-dimensional muscular release down to a science. No joke, this baby puts traditional foam rollers to shame. The arched design replicates a double helix, the building blocks of the body. And for good reason too. This anatomical shape is almost human, relentlessly unlocking stiffness on two planes and flushing out toxins to promote healthy, open posture. The RAD Helix is made of a specially designed polymer that is soft enough for whole-muscle rolling, yet strong enough for heavy-duty use. That means you can effectively free up the tension in your back, which will then invite the rest of your body follow. Not to mention the unique polymer material is waterproof, sweatproof and non-porous so it doesn't get all wet and stinky like typical foam rollers. Yeah, we thought you'd like that. Pair with the RAD Rod for targeted relief.



Manufactured In:
Made in China