sku: FFGWT

FITforeGOLF Swing Weight


Scientifically calibrated to increase club head speed, these rubber swing weights attach to the hosel of your irons.  By increasing the weight of your club 10-15% you can train swing speed without changing your stance or how your muscles are being used.

  • Use as part of warm-up routine prior to playing
  • Holds tight to the hosel, does not scratch the club
  • Improve strength, distance & control without changing how you swing

No ball necessary, just swing 5-10 times with the weighted club, then swing with an unweighted club.  Repeat 5 times, alternating between the weighted and unweighted clubs.

  • Fits securely to your irons for swing training
  • Improve your speed, distance & control
  • Rubber safe to use on any clubs

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada