Fitterfirst Multi-Active Balance Stones (Set of 6)

Fun Balance Training For All Ages

These Fitterfirst Balance Stones are a fun way to build balance and proprioception in an active and imaginative way.  These textured air-filled stones help enhance standing balance, kneeling balance, and core muscle strength. The nubs help with nerve stimulation and come in bright colours.

  • Arrange in patterns on the floor & balance from pod to pod
  • Place flat side down for less challenge or rounded side down for greater challenge
  • Sold in a set of 6
  • Colours will vary within set

Family-friendly balance training great for all ages, perfect for kids to aid in the development of motor skills, balance, coordination, all while providing hours of fun.

  • Endless versatility & fun
  • Build balance, proprioception, & coordination
  • Great for ankle & core strength as well as foot flexibility
  • Comes in variety of bright colours, set of 6

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan