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Fitterfirst Balance Pad

Add The Fluid Sensation Of Floating To Your Routine


The FItterfirst Balance Pad provides a whole new dimension to balance training by creating the fluid sensation of floating on a cushion, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The unique design allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility.

  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • 60mm (2.4inch) thick closed-cell foam is easy to clean
  • Large surface area for a variety of standing, sitting & bridging positions
  • NOTE: Blue model is solid colour, not marbled

This stable yet dynamic Balance Pad is a great introductory piece of equipment for someone new to balance training or early rehabilitation, or as an Active Office™ Surface. Build ankle strength and foot stability, or exercise your core.

    • Improves balance, proprioception & agility through gentle movement
    • Increases ankle, core & lower-leg strength with stimulation
    • Engages support muscles & tissue
    • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base for stability on any flooring
    • Large surface area allows for variety of standing, sitting & bridging positions
    • Soft top easy to grip for upper-body exercises like planking
    • Closed-cell foam is hygienic & easy to clean

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    Made in Taiwan

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