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Duraball Pro Exercise Ball

The World's Strongest Exercise Ball


The Duraball Pro is thestrongest,safest andmost burst-resistant exercise ball available on the market! It's the favorite choice for high-use training setting including clubs, clinics and gyms. Ideal for advanced users or anyone looking for a firmer ball.s.

  • Maximum support for core, trunk & pelvic girdle
  • Made from Duralon™: BPA, Latex, Rubber & Phthalate free
  • PVC base is non-allergenic and recyclable!
  • By their nature balls only last for a limited time & replace balls every 12-24 months or at first signs of wear, especially in high-use settings

Regular use for exercise or active sitting will improve your trunk and pelvic girdle stability and core strength.

When replacing a ball please check your local area for PVC recycling options.



    • Dynamic load resistance of 1100lb and Static load resistance of 4400lb
    • Firm Duralon construction that allows for shape resilience
    • Labeled with a production date code and place for to write inflation date for safety
    • BPA, Latex, Rubber and Phthalate Free!
    • PVC base is non-allergenic

    Manufactured In:
    Made in Australia

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