RAD Rounds

RAD Rounds serve up three times the relief with firm density that busts up tension in sensitive spots like the neck, feet and hands. These balls are specifically designed for the body, not sports, which is lot more than a tennis ball or "whatever s around the house" can claim. So when you want something that's built for the job, choose from three pressure-seeking sizes that comfortably fit where other tools can't. For those who crave even more control and focused release, pair these babies with the RAD Block.


All three RAD Rounds are made of top-grade silicone to blast through the lock-ups you thought you needed a massage therapist to hit. The blue round has a stiffer build while the green round is slightly softer to accommodate a range of uses. Need to really hit a tight space? The tiny black round is perfect for precise targeting. And as if triple densities weren't enough to sell you on these bad boys, you can even heat or cool them. For a warm, relaxing experience, simply soak in hot water for five to ten minutes. Or for a cold, refreshing sensation, soak in ice water, freeze or refrigerate.

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Made in China

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