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Bongo Board

The Highest Challenge. The Highest Risk. The Highest Reward. Do You Bongo?

The FItterfirst Bongo Board® is the hottest balance training product on the market! The fast and dynamic movement of the board is perfect for skiers, surfers, skaters, hockey players, and other athletes. Develop great performance-enhancing reaction skills and master tricks with this super challenging board.

  • Enhance core strength & stability while building balance & proprioception
  • Advanced development of reaction time
  • Highest challenge, risk, reward
The patented roller design provides an authentic experience, with tapered edges allowing for hell-to-toe rocking. The independently rolling sides enable rotational movement. The Bongo Board® is used by many elite-level athletes as a cross-training tool used to improve functional and sport-specific skills, and to train overall reaction times and balance.



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Made in China

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