Sp1ke Sit Cusion (Spike)

Ultimate Comfort and Support

The MySp1ke cushion is the most comfortable, healthy seating solution for you that actually makes sense. Why sit on a cushion that will eventually deform under your weight, build up heat making you sweat, limit your movement, and cause discomfort by providing no support where your body really needs it? What do you think that compressed flat cushion does for your body's circulation?  The MySp1ke cushion promotes proper circulation, eliminates nerve pinching, and molds to your body to provide comfort in key areas and support in others.
  • Super light-weight cusion with minimal contact points, creating a floating and supportive experience.
  • Nubs bend and shift naturally to massage and support.
  • Designed to never fade or discolour, and can easily be rinsed off and cleaned.

Manufactured In:
Made in China

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