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Duraball Classic Ball

Highest Quality, Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball for Sitting, Stretching and Strengthening


The Duraball Classic Exercise Ball Chair is perfect for your home exercise routines. This balance ball is great for all ages and abilities, from seniors and physiotherapy patients to world-class athletes. Perfect for everyday health and fitness needs. Also makes a great accessory to any Active Office™.

  • Stays round for better core development
  • Made from Duralon™: BPA, Latex, Rubber & Phthalate free
  • PVC base is non-allergenic
  • By their nature balls only last for a limited time & replace balls every 12-24 months or at first signs of wear, especially in high-use settings

Regular use for exercise or active sitting will improve your trunk and pelvic girdle stability and core strength. 



  • Dynamic load resistance of 550lb and Static load resistance of 1100lb
  • Firm Duralon construction that allows for shape resilience
  • Labeled with a production date code and place for to write inflation date for safety
  • BPA, Latex, Rubber and Phthalate Free!
  • PVC base is non-allergenic

Duralon PVC - phthalate, latex and BPA free

Manufactured In:
Made in Australia

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